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Like sonnets back in Shakespeare’s time, pop music has actually a means of shooting
the feeling of being crazy
such that simply cannot be also expressed in just about any different kind.

There is something seriously poetic about these words that gives people the feels. From gushing ballads to bubblegum pop music, many sweetest love quotes might previously find are available in the
words of pop songs
from singers like John Legend or Celine Dion.

Whether you intend to text these words your S.O. or send all of them in a handwritten notice, these nice love estimates are intended to be discussed
making use of the any you love


Justify Our Really Love


  • “I want to kiss you in Paris
  • I wish to hold the submit Rome
  • I wish to run nude in a rainstorm
  • Make love in a train cross-country
  • You place this in use
  • So now exactly what, so now just what?”
  • Madonna


Each one of Me


  • “You’re my problem, you are my personal muse
  • My personal worst distraction, my personal rhythm-and-blues
  • I cannot prevent vocal, it really is ringing, during my head for your needs”
  • John Legend


I Really Do


  • “It’s always already been about me personally, me and I also
  • I was thinking relationships were simply a complete waste of time
  • We never ever wished to be anybody’s other half
  • I became pleased stating I got a love that wouldn’t keep going
  • That has been the only path we knew til we came across you”
  • Colbie Caillat


State You Simply Won’t Let It Go


  • “I’m therefore in love with you
  • And that I wish you realize
  • Darling the really love is more than worth their fat in gold
  • We’ve are available so far my dear
  • Appear how exactly we’ve expanded
  • And I also wanna stick to you until we’re gray and old
  • Just say you will not let go of”
  • James Arthur




  • “I guarantee that we’ll hold you when it’s cool out
  • As soon as we shed all of our winter season applications from inside the spring season
  • ‘Cause of late I found myself thinking I never told you
  • That every time I see you my heart sings”
  • Gavin James


Wasn’t Wanting That


  • “I was thinking love was not designed to endure,
  • I thought you had been only passing through
  • If I ever get the neurological to ask
  • What performed I get to need someone as if you?”
  • Jamie Lawson


I Just Known As To Say Everyone Loves You


  • “i simply also known as to state I love you
  • I recently known as to state just how much We worry
  • I simply also known as to state Everyone loves you
  • And I imply it from base of my center”
  • Stevie Wonder


Tattooed Heart


  • “you do not need serious cash
  • Honey, you don’t have to play no video games
  • All i want is all your own enjoying
  • To obtain the bloodstream rushing through my veins”
  • Ariana Grande


You and I


  • “right be concerned indeed there, my personal honey
  • We may have no cash
  • But offering all of our want to pay the bills
  • Possibly i believe you’re adorable and funny,
  • Perhaps we wanna do exactly what bunnies perform along with you,
  • Once you know the reason”
  • Ingrid Michaelson




  • “both of us know it isn’t really stylish to love myself
  • However do not get ’cause really there is no person for you but me
  • We could cruise to your blues
  • Wilshire Boulevard whenever we choose
  • Or whatever you decide and have to do
  • We make guidelines”
  • Lana Del Rey


I Love You Always Forever


  • “I like you usually forever
  • Close and far closer with each other
  • Almost everywhere I will be to you
  • Every thing i am going to carry out for you personally”
  • Donna Lewis


Exactly the Means You Might Be


  • “While I see your face
  • There is not something which I would personally change
  • ‘Cause you are remarkable
  • Just the way you may be”
  • Bruno Mars


Truly, Madly, Deeply


  • “I want to stay along with you on a mountain
  • I do want to wash with you during the ocean
  • I wish to put such as this permanently
  • Through to the air falls upon me personally”
  • Savage Outdoors


When You Say-nothing Whatsoever


  • “The touch of one’s hand says might get myself if ever I fall,
  • You say it best once you say nothing anyway.”
  • Ronan Keating




  • “I’m able to end up being your hero, child
  • I can kiss away the pain…
  • I will the stand by position you permanently
  • You can easily get my personal breath out.”
  • Enrique Iglesias


I Promise You (With Every Little Thing Im)


  • “we promise you,
  • Through The bottom of my heart…
  • I am going to love you,
  • Til’ death would us part…
  • As a fan and a pal,
  • I shall love you love We never like once again.”
  • Backstreet Boys




  • “I need people to hold on to
  • The type of love that’ll not fly away
  • I recently want you to definitely participate in
  • Everyday
  • Of my entire life
  • Usually
  • So come and take myself out”
  • Mariah Carey


I Want To Prefer You Forever


  • “I want to love you forever
  • And this refers to all i am inquiring of you
  • 10, 000 lifetimes with each other
  • Would be that a whole lot to do
  • ‘Cause from the moment that I noticed your face
  • And felt the flame of your own sweet incorporate
  • We swear I understood
  • We wanna love you permanently”
  • Jessica Simpson


Merely Luv Me


  • “simply luv me personally
  • If you think that I’m stating that because I’m large servicing
  • Like i am trying to mask every problem that I’m dealing with
  • You’re incorrect ’cause I do not need no person as I’m breaking
  • All Now I need will be your really love and a small amount of patience”
  • Britney Spears


Crazy In Appreciate


  • “we look and stare therefore deeply inside vision
  • We touch on you increasingly more each time
  • Whenever you allow, i am asking you not to go
  • Call your name a couple of instances consecutively
  • Such a funny thing personally to attempt to describe
  • How I’m feeling and my pride may be the someone to pin the blame on
  • ‘Cause i am aware I really don’t comprehend
  • So how your love can create exactly what not one person more can”
  • Beyoncé




  • “If I had been your boyfriend, I would never enable you to get
  • Help keep you on my arm lady, you had never be by yourself”
  • Justin Bieber


As You Loved Me


  • “possibly I am not sure much but I’m sure this much is true,
  • I became gifted because I was liked by you.”
  • Celine Dion


Your Own Track


  • “I hope you never mind
  • That we deposit in words
  • Exactly how wonderful every day life is while you’re in the world”
  • Elton John


Fancy You Like A Love Track


  • “not one person measures up
  • You standalone, to every record we have
  • Songs to my personal center that is what you might be
  • A track that goes on as well as on”
  • Selena Gomez

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